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Blog: Systems Change

  • What the World Needs Now…

    WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW IS A MENTAL HEALTH CARE SYSTEM! By Shawna Cromwell Content warning: Discusses mental health challenges and mentions suicide. There […]

  • Valentines Day Painted Rock

    10 easy ways you could show love to your community

    Happy Valentine’s Day! “Hey, Charlene,” I hear you say. “Individual actions like the ones listed below don’t seem aligned with Inspiring Communities’ systems change […]

  • Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels

    Building the Chicken from the Nugget Out

    When we try to decolonize, to shift and change the systems we live by, we are trying to take that nugget and strip away the processing. We want to rebuild it into a chicken: a whole, living, dynamic thing, an organic part of our world, a thing with inherent dignity.

  • Wheel (Hub and Spoke), network web and eight bird silhouettes.

    Wheels, Webs and Birds

    Modeling social innovation leadership One of the key learnings from the WeavEast evaluation so far is the emergence of the wicked question around how […]

  • Starling

    Starlings & Murmurations

    I have come to appreciate starlings for many reasons. They are scrappy, they have beautiful iridescent feathers, and I once saw one steal a french fry from a tourist down on the Halifax waterfront. On top of these amazing qualities, it is their murmurations that inspire me the most.

  • Developmental Evaluation: Panning for DE Gold

    Panning for DE Gold

    Inspiring Communities and its nested initiatives (three collective impact community sites) use a developmental evaluation approach to reflect upon achievements and learnings in real time to help with course adjustments as needed and evolution of planned activities. In October, a Developmental Evaluation report, called a DE Brief, was produced and shared with government partners. While the full 10 page document is chock full of reflection and learnings important to the work of Inspiring Communities, we’d like to pull out just a few highlights and share the summary of impacts identified for the period of July through September 2020.

  • narrative project wayside

    Nourished by These Stories

    Midway Reflections on the Narrative Project by Susan Szpakowski, Orchestrator of How We THRIVE “A people are as healthy and confident as the stories they […]