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Blog: Reflections

  • Community Psychology PhD Chronicles pt. 3

    Human Connection and the Learning Pathway January 25, 2022 We’re in the heart of winter now… glorious snowshoeing in our backwoods with the frolicking […]

  • Lessons in Weaving a Network

    WeavEast has been a rich experiment in trying to build, or weave, an Atlantic network of changemakers. “Trying” is the operative word. WeavEast was […]

  • Truth and Reconciliation Day, Every Day

    Reflection shared by Jody Nelson, Project Lead, Northside Rising “They try to put sugar in the coffee,” said my 13-year-old son, after a session […]

  • Wayside Journey by Tyler Colbourne

    Wayside Journey

    At Inspiring Communities we often like to call ourselves a learning organization. Well, over the last 12 months I have certainly learned a lot.  […]

  • Community Psychology PhD Chronicles, Pt. 2

    The Learning Pathway by Cari Patterson I’ve just officially completed the first year of my PhD program (time flies!) and I’m poised to begin […]

  • newspaper background tinted teal, words: News From Inspiring Communities

    Community Change through Elections

    September 6, 2021 Community change happens in many ways and in our organization, we have 26+ staff who are making a difference in their […]

  • Conversations with Changemakers

    Our Digby Youth Intern, Graham, reflects on some of people he has connected with and some of what he’s learned by Graham Cromwell, Youth […]