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Blog: Reflections

  • Images of apple, peach and onion created by Alexandra Theroux

    Experimenting with Networks and Systems Change:

    I was involved with WeavEast from the beginning and had stars in my eyes about its potential to strengthen relationships for social innovation and impact. I was still in the throes of my doctoral research and was absorbed in theory around networks and their power for spurring change. That fall we were also establishing Inspiring Communities as a new organization. But when the opportunity to help launch and host a regional network of changemakers presented itself it felt too important to turn down.

  • Weymouth's Resilience Shines with a lighted sign that says HOPE.

    Weymouth’s Resilience Shines Bright

    A Community Shaken but not Broken The evening of Tuesday, July 13th, 2021, I found out some distressing news. As I went to close […]

  • Community Psychology PhD Chronicles

    By Cari Patterson, Director, Research and Evaluation Part One: Introduction When I started working on my PhD last fall, one of my Community Psychology […]

  • Graham Cromwell & Morgan Dunn are youth working with Turning the Tides

    Small Town Big Changes

    In this article, I want to introduce a young man named Graham Cromwell.   Graham is in the position of Youth Intern with Turning […]

  • Digby Area Youth Space

    A Safe Place for Digby’s Youth

    I want to introduce you to a young lady by the name of Morgan Dunn. I met Morgan at an information session about Inspiring […]

  • Group Meeting in Digby

    My Connection with Turning the Tide

    I became a member of Turning the Tide in the late spring of 2019. Shortly after, I became a CA (Community Ambassador). It is about making connections with communities, within Digby and the communities that surround it.

  • Third Wave

    And so it begins…

    Nova Scotia is in the grips of a fast-moving third wave. I was hoping we would stay on our steady course and keep the impending third wave contained.