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Blog: Reflections

  • Wheel (Hub and Spoke), network web and eight bird silhouettes.

    Wheels, Webs and Birds

    Modeling social innovation leadership One of the key learnings from the WeavEast evaluation so far is the emergence of the wicked question around how […]

  • Starling

    Starlings & Murmurations

    I have come to appreciate starlings for many reasons. They are scrappy, they have beautiful iridescent feathers, and I once saw one steal a french fry from a tourist down on the Halifax waterfront. On top of these amazing qualities, it is their murmurations that inspire me the most.

  • Looking Back at 2020 with Gratitude

    In the fall of 2020 I surveyed our staff on the topic of gratitude. Our staff are embedded in collective impact projects, supporting weaving and network building, and are providing evaluation expertise in Nova Scotia and throughout Atlantic Canada. Gratitude is a challenging concept to consider, and a sometimes difficult feeling to engage with when you can see and experience the inequities and suffering of the world.

  • pride during covid

    Pride in the Time of Covid-19

    A reflection by Tyler Colbourne, Community Director, Inspiring Communities Like many things in our world, Pride is complex. Pride is a movement, a parade, […]

  • narrative project wayside

    Nourished by These Stories

    Midway Reflections on the Narrative Project by Susan Szpakowski, Orchestrator of How We THRIVE “A people are as healthy and confident as the stories they […]

  • abundance oxymoron covid wayside

    The Oxymoron of Abundance and COVID-19

    A reflection by Annika Voltan, Executive Director of Inspiring Communities ______________ In March 2020, Cari Patterson, our Director of Research and Evaluation, reflected on […]

  • systems change during covid wayside

    Systems Change During Covid-19 Pandemic

    A reflection by Cari Patterson, Director of Evaluation and Research Inspiring Communities works in a complex environment. Ultimately we are building toward a culture […]