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    Brain Science Supports Repetition

    Check out this interesting article about how repeated action deepens learning!Written by Peak Wellbeing at Medium.com: The Reason for Repetition: How Repetition Helps Us […]

  • Community Psychology PhD Chronicles pt. 3

    Human Connection and the Learning Pathway January 25, 2022 We’re in the heart of winter now… glorious snowshoeing in our backwoods with the frolicking […]

  • Lessons in Weaving a Network

    WeavEast has been a rich experiment in trying to build, or weave, an Atlantic network of changemakers. “Trying” is the operative word. WeavEast was […]

  • The participants of the Northside Changemakers are lined up on and stepping over a line on the sidewalk.

    The Northside Changemakers – A Journey Inspired

    Northside Rising has launched its second cohort of Northside Changemakers. Suzi Oram-Aylward, Program Coordinator, shared this: The Northside Changemakers Program was developed as a […]

  • Wayside Journey by Tyler Colbourne

    Wayside Journey

    At Inspiring Communities we often like to call ourselves a learning organization. Well, over the last 12 months I have certainly learned a lot.  […]

  • Community Psychology PhD Chronicles, Pt. 2

    The Learning Pathway by Cari Patterson I’ve just officially completed the first year of my PhD program (time flies!) and I’m poised to begin […]

  • Conversations with Changemakers

    Our Digby Youth Intern, Graham, reflects on some of people he has connected with and some of what he’s learned by Graham Cromwell, Youth […]

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    Experimenting with Networks and Systems Change:

    I was involved with WeavEast from the beginning and had stars in my eyes about its potential to strengthen relationships for social innovation and impact. I was still in the throes of my doctoral research and was absorbed in theory around networks and their power for spurring change. That fall we were also establishing Inspiring Communities as a new organization. But when the opportunity to help launch and host a regional network of changemakers presented itself it felt too important to turn down.