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Blog: Systems Change

  • Conversations with Changemakers

    Our Digby Youth Intern, Graham, reflects on some of people he has connected with and some of what he’s learned by Graham Cromwell, Youth […]

  • Images of apple, peach and onion created by Alexandra Theroux

    Experimenting with Networks and Systems Change:

    I was involved with WeavEast from the beginning and had stars in my eyes about its potential to strengthen relationships for social innovation and impact. I was still in the throes of my doctoral research and was absorbed in theory around networks and their power for spurring change. That fall we were also establishing Inspiring Communities as a new organization. But when the opportunity to help launch and host a regional network of changemakers presented itself it felt too important to turn down.

  • Ways to Spend Emancipation Day

    We would like to celebrate this first Emancipation Day by lifting up and celebrating a small sample of the impactful Black Atlantic organizations / […]

  • Scaling up "Impact Laws and Policy", Scale Out "Impact Greater Numbers", and Scale Deep "Impact social roots"

    What does systems change look like?

    Systems change can be a tough nut to crack in many ways. First, what is this system you are speaking of?! There are multiple perspectives and truths simultaneously at play. In fact, there are often multiple systems!

  • Grieving - a black man is distraught, sitting on a bed, hands clasped, leaning forward on his knees, his long braids swept aside.

    Rethinking grief

    Our province has demonstrated a high level of resilience and compassion, but Serena questions whether we overplayed the “Nova Scotia Strong” sentiment. Her mission: to help us be aware of where and how grief shows up, and to make space to be with it.

  • graffiti of a nurse character

    Broken Angels

    The medical frontlines are being tested daily, not just with COVID-19, but due to an ongoing crisis of systemic racism in the health care system.