Structures for Working Together in New Ways

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Working Together in New Ways for Social Impact

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Capacity Building, Setting Shared Agenda/Goals, Evaluation for Learning & Sharing, Process & Culture, Trust, Safety, Respect

Overview of Activities & Structures

  • Residents Roundtable: Bringing lived experience to a diversity of topics
  • Resident’s Zoom Socials: Weekly social connection featuring fun game-show activities
  • Community Health Planning Team: Increasing access to health services in the community
  • Student Success: Supporting transitions between grades and schools
  • Food Insecurity: Supporting collaborations that increase food security
  • Community Fabric: Innovating new ways to support community initiated and led projects
  • Affordable & Quality Housing: Supporting collaboration to increase affordable housing
  • Dartmouth North Organizations:
    • Working together to: share what’s happening, collaborate on initiatives and identify emerging issues
  • Digital Literacy: Understanding what already exists and filling gaps