Collective Impact requires everyone who wants to be involved, to lean into working in new ways together; ways that will challenge our assumptions and our usual ways of “being” and “doing.”

The following Commitments were co-created by the founding partners of Between the Bridges that included residents of Dartmouth North, United Way Halifax and the Province of Nova Scotia.

These Commitments help support our work, and ground our ways of working together, particularly when the complexity of the issues may undermine collective thinking and action. They are always available to us and to be refreshed along the way, as needed.

Our Commitments that guide our work:

  • Opportunity Our mandate includes everyone, regardless of their life circumstances
  • Engagement We involve residents, organizations and other partners in our work
  • Courage We embrace innovation and are not afraid to learn from our mistakes
  • Promise We will use the tools we have to support our collective impact
  • Accountability We are accountable to the broader community and to each other to do the work, honour timelines and sustain momentum
  • Strength We recognize that the community’s strengths are greater than its weaknesses
  • Collective Impact Our shared agenda directs the work of all partners
  • Communication We work at making sense- with each other and with all the people we serve
  • Clear Targets Our work plan shows the way forward. We all own each of the outcomes equally and set targets that allow us to show our progress
  • Deep Change The policies and practices in our organizations will change to support revolutionary change in the community