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  • better zoom / video meetings guide

    Better Zoom / Video Meeting Guide

    Covering the basics Duncan Ebata shared this great resource from Jan Keck: The Ultimate Zoom Guide for Participants in 2021. At the start of your […]

  • Wayside: A Case Study

    Did you know that Wayside was originally redeveloped at Inspiring Communities in response to the needs identified by WeavEast Fellows? Or that we benefitted […]

  • Community Psychology PhD Chronicles

    By Cari Patterson, Director, Research and Evaluation Part One: Introduction When I started working on my PhD last fall, one of my Community Psychology […]

  • Natalie Couture is a Northside Changemaker

    Natalie Couture is a Northside Changemaker

    Interview provided by Northside Rising, an Inspiring Communities nested initiative. Tell me a little bit about yourself  I graduated from StFX with a degree in […]

  • Video Meeting: A woman is casually dressed talking on a laptop call, drinking coffee in her kitchen.

    Better Meetings, Virtually

    Last March, I, like many, had the weird experience of having everyone I work with shrink to a tiny head in a Brady-Bunch-like stack of moving pictures on my computer. It was discombobulating.

  • It's your turn to speak, make it count!

    Confidence and Public Speaking

    by Dr. LeQuita Hopgood Porter, BA, JD, MBA, MDiv, DMin Practice Makes Perfect!  Shoot for perfection, Settle for Excellence!   These are two of the […]