Our Principles

We Think Big

  • We focus on the big picture.  We look at the world through a complexity lens, so we can take meaningful action on addressing root causes of social problems.

We Take Action for Social Justice

  • We are aware of power and privilege.  We critically reflect on our individual and collective role(s) – and the roles of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, and ability – in contributing to, benefitting from, and perpetuating inequities within systems, so we can understand where change is needed, and take relevant action.
  • We address inequity. We know that not all communities are impacted the same; we focus our efforts on marginalized and vulnerable communities.

We Like to Learn

  • We learn from each other.  We seek out, value, respect, engage and listen to people with multiple perspectives and experiences; we value and draw on different ways of knowing and learning to give us a fulsome understanding of how to address issues and make needed changes.
  • We are innovative and curious.  We try new things and bring wonder and open-mindedness to the work; we innovate, reflect, learn from our efforts, and try again.
  • We know working for change isn’t always easy.  We understand that our experiences are part of our unconscious bias. We learn from difficulties and discomfort; we recognize tension within relationships as an opportunity to grow.

We Know We All Need Each Other

  • We are stronger together.  We work collectively and collaboratively across sectors to amplify everyone’s contributions to change. We celebrate accomplishments and we build on existing strengths.  We generously share resources, capacity, information, connections and learnings to create a culture of collaboration.
  • We take time to get to know each other. We build and nurture authentic, trusting, respectful relationships that support effective change efforts.

We Are Intentional

  • We mind the pace.  It takes the time it takes; we are accountable to the work, not the calendar.
  • We take care in our work. Our actions and policies show care for ourselves, each other, our communities, and our planet.  
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