Collective Impact Evaluation

Tracking Our Progress

We conduct evaluation to help the stewards of initiatives – at community, provincial, and regional levels – with real-time learning cycles that help them to adjust strategies. Our evaluation framework also looks at the way communities organize and support their work, and helps assess how this may be strengthened. It can help assess the extent to which the conditions needed for success have developed, and how this compares with similar initiatives.

Here is an overview of our approach to evaluation.

Another purpose of the evaluation is to understand and guide the systems level changes that Inspiring Communities seeks to stimulate. The premise of system change is that if underlying conditions can be different, scalable impacts will develop. Through evaluation, we can monitor the system to see where there are early signs of change, and provide feedback that can reinforce these positive changes, identify unintended consequences, and showcase progress on what is inevitably a very long-term effort.

View our evaluation framework here.

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