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Learning for Impact

Many evaluation processes collect information about programs or initiatives once the work is completed, or at least well underway. Working in complexity, we need real-time data to help us learn as we go, and to inform pivots and adaptations needed as the work unfolds. 


We offer evaluation support to initiatives in our nest, through Developmental Evaluation processes, designing theories of change, critical reflection, and data collection and analysis. We also engage in work that helps to influence the culture of evaluation to be more rigorous, yet less rigid, more developmental, and more accessible to communities and changemakers. 

Through this work we help to deepen understanding of the impact of social change initiatives and the conditions for success.

We also provide evaluation support to those outside of our nest by collaborating across organizations and government to increase capacity in evaluating our impact in the field. We help to build and develop connections between evaluators to strengthen the field of practice.

We are committed to ensuring evaluation meets the needs of the communities, brings rigour to the field and honours diverse ways of knowing. 


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